As soon as he entered the department store, the man began to dance and here is what happened next!

The 1984 smash movie “Footloose” is a cult favorite for a reason. Along with the engaging performances and storyline, the music and dance are also highly compelling. It makes sense why people have been watching this movie for so long. The upbeat theme song will make everyone want to lace up their dancing shoes and hit the dance floor.

Because of this, it is not surprising that YouTuber Preston Leatherman selected “Footloose” as his favorite track when he wanted to film himself dancing in public and upload it to his channel.

Preston decided to have his dance at Target. With his earbuds firmly in place, Preston danced and sniffled around the store as if he were the only person there.

While some customers paused to watch the strangely dancing man, others didn’t appear to be aware of the situation at all. The most attentive customers even stopped to join Preston in the dance and although they couldn’t hear the music.

Everyone who sees it walks away delighted. It’s tough not to smile when you witness someone dancing with such enthusiasm for life.

Here is the video: