She did not realize her son could love it so deeply after she taught him to knit…

It appears that the days when girls may be seen knitting or holding a hook close to their grandmother are long gone. Knitting equipment vanished as a result of the advancements of civilization providing newer generations with new forms of pleasure while the older generation passed on their wisdom to the hardworking youth.

The 11-year-old prodigy Jon Larson, who first picked up a line at the age of 5 and hasn’t put it down since, is even more remarkable.

The youngster was born in Ethiopia and later adopted by a Wisconsin-based American family. A mysterious item that he unintentionally discovered in the house’s closet caught him off guard.

She only needed to watch a few YouTube knitting tutorials from her mother to get started. John started out by producing scarves before moving on to blankets, tablecloths, and even gloves. Mom was her son’s continuous friend, inspiration, and source of support throughout his extraordinary career.

He named his own website “John’s Hands” after his son. The guy has over 28,000 YouTube subscribers as well as over 140,000 Instagram followers. The boy’s creations are extremely well-liked, and orders are never-ending.

Due to a shortage of time, he occasionally even has to turn away clients. John has also begun writing a book and has already signed a deal to do so.

John is a very capable student despite his hectic schedule. The youngster was instantly promoted to the next grade due to his great IQ test score. The child still remembers his home country of Ethiopia while residing in America.

He frequently sends there relevant materials and also gathers supplies for Ethiopian children. Moving forward, John envisions himself as a surgeon and understands the importance of dedication and solid study habits for the job.