Band Wins Golden Buzzer for Hilariously Performing “Jolene.” VIDEO attached!

Some things come as a complete surprise. These turn out to be the greatest things.

You won’t find a better video on the internet than this one. This group genuinely appeared on the world’s most popular talent competition stage and demonstrated to everybody that nothing is impossible. We just have one piece of advice for you in the event that someone tells you something you’ve been thinking about is impossible or not good enough to put into practice.

This group is evidence that everything is achievable if you work as a team and with passion for your goals. No matter how entertaining and morally upright that performance was, the band was still able to honor themselves by taking home a Golden Buzzer. Everyone in the room was giggling along with the group.

It’s one of the best and most distinctive performances in the history of the Golden Buzzer. Watch the whole thing down below!