When Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart performed at the USA National Dance Championship, the crowd started to…

Inevitably, as time goes on, new dance forms emerge. Furthermore, since a new decade is just starting, it is impossible to forecast what will happen.

On the other hand, the previous trends don’t have to go out of style just because there are new ones.

Both Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart are accomplished Carolina Shag dancers.

At the US Grand National Dance Championship, their distinctive routines were the stars of the show.

Get ready for a sense of time travel.

With their prowess at the Shag, Jay and Tobitha are a sight to behold.

As soon as the music starts, the couples commence their elaborate footwork in front of the judges and spectators.

They occasionally appear to be formed of air and move like silk.

“OMG, his legs are made of rubber,” gasped Catherine, one of the viewers.

All of this is new to me; I’ve never heard of or even seen a SHAG dance performed so expertly.

The Shag is well-known for having started many years ago on South Carolina’s beaches.

In the 1940s, it became well-known among young people.

The Carolina Shag, as per Southern Living, is “a cool beer on a sweltering night with a hot date and no arrangements for tomorrow.”

It is a boisterous dance that is still well-liked in the South and may be seen at dance competitions across the nation.

According to the webpage Discover South Carolina, “the swag is such a famous dance because anyone can do it, whether they are 6 or 96.”

Everyone hopes it will bring people together to enjoy the music and have fun. At the dance competition, everyone was watching Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart’s dance routine.

It is not unexpected that they have been successful in dancing over the years.

Tobitha and her husband Ashley were given the National Living Legends of Dance award in 2015.

Jay received the same honor in 2018.

In the state of North Carolina, they both instruct shack dancing. The way the couple moves around the dance floor demonstrates how much they enjoy dancing.

Together, they glide and twirl gracefully while grinning widely.

Behind the scenes, one may hear the tune “Boogie The Joint” by Mate Captain and The Code Blues Band.

The duo not only won the Master Shag Championships that day, but their performance has also been viewed more over 968,000 times on YouTube!

Ann, a dancer like myself, stated, “My spouse and I used to dance country, and the shag is identical to the East Coast swing and the West Coasts wing.”

We also took part in dance competitions.

These dancers place a strong emphasis on style.

When hitting the dance floor with a partner, mood is important.

They already were.

I’ve seen their lovely feet, and they are lovely.

After watching the video, Peggy commented, “What a pleasure to behold!

Thank you for demonstrating how to accomplish it.

Here is the video: