Can you imagine what these two were going to consume? It is beyond comprehension…

Throughout the entire Covid event, Annie has been searching for her mother and stepfather, but she has kept her pet food purchasing separate from the rest of her shopping.

The previous week, the lady’s mother described to her daughter their “really lovely supper of perfectly beautiful paté and warm bread,” which the lady’s daughter appeared to find perplexing.

No one had noticed the cat on the container, and the 2 were having dinner with Angela’s sister, who also lives in France. They also had trouble deciphering French labeling.

Annie, an upholstery worker, claimed that Margaret, a coworker, made her laugh aloud by displaying the tin whose contents they had completely consumed.

Although the family had moved to France in 2013, making it more challenging for them to interpret the French marks, Annie believed that the picture of the cat on the can would be enough of a clue for them.

My mother started laughing and my sister soon joined in.

My sides were starting to split apart from one another. I guess you could say I was laughing that hard.

It turned out that Aggy, the cat of the triplets, was perfectly fine to eat the fish-based dinner that was meant for her.