Check out how the most beautiful twins in the world look now that they grew up…

Everyone has heard the expression “born under a bad sign.” But what if you were born under a lovely sign?

Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements made a big impression on the modeling world in the past. Even though they were only seven years old, they rapidly acquired the admiring moniker “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

Of course, their breakthrough achievement and career moment occurred in 2017. What are the twins’ current activities, and how do they look? Continue reading to find out the answers!

Parents can experience a lot of resistance when they suggest that their kids model. Jaqi Clements, the mother of the twins, gained early support for her children’s career aspirations, even though she would eventually have to deal with naysayers (more on this later).

How come? Jaqi claimed that her lovely children were the subject of compliments starting on the day they were born. These youngsters were so adorable that even complete strangers on the street would stop and smile.

These strangers didn’t just compliment the twins on their beauty. They all asked the same thing: has Jaqi thought about getting them into modeling? She ultimately made the decision to follow through on it, but the twins’ journey to fame as models ended up taking several unforeseen detours.

Here is the video: