7.6M people have heard this mysterious “Sound of Silence” cover…

In this live rendition of “Bloody Mary Morning,” Willie Nelson displays his timeless vocal range and musical aesthetic.

When Willie Nelson took the stage at Austin City Limits, he gave a memorable performance, mesmerizing the audience with his song “Bloody Mary Morning.”

Even though there were at least a dozen additional musicians and vocalists on stage, Nelson took center stage and focused on playing his renowned guitar, Trigger.

The tone of this blues tune was expertly captured by Nelson as he sang in his unpolished, raw voice. He perfectly performed the songs with passion and feeling.

Overall, one of the most admired figures in American rock and country music had an outstanding live performance. Nelson was at his finest on “Bloody Mary Morning.”

This performance will rank among Nelson’s many amazing moments for Red Headed Stranger admirers. Additionally, it will introduce his talent and flair to any new followers.

Watch the video below!