Deputy wakes up from a 23-day coma to push his wife out of the path of the disaster…

You experience life very suddenly. You never know what a given day will hold. On the side of the road, a young couple was being approached by an automobile.

In the end, the quick-thinking spouse saved his wife’s life by pushing her out of the road. He, however, was not so fortunate.

On August 1, Raymond Surber, age 31, was driving his 2017 Chevrolet Silverado while off-duty when he collided with a young couple standing by the side of the road. When Surber struck ACSO Reserve Deputies Lucas and his wife Nicole Shoffner, they were on the side of the road attempting to fix a dirt bike.

The crash happened at around 11:17 p.m. Both the husband and the wife were hurt in the collision, although Lucas’ wounds were more Both the spouse and the wife were hurt in the collision, although Lucas’ wounds were more serious.

According to Matt Fagiana, a representative of the Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, Lucas shoved his wife to the side, causing her to sustain more severe wounds. According to Fagiana, Lucas’ courageous acts prevented the death of his wife.

“Let’s begin to pray for our friend. This man deserves a second chance at life more than anybody else. He is witty, kind, loyal, and powerful as a freaking ox, according to Fagiana. “You’ve got this, Lucas, and Nicole and I are right there with you every step of the way,”

Nicole underwent a head CT and x-rays after being taken to Fort Sanders. While Lucas suffered significant brain injuries and was treated at the UT Medical Center’s Transplant Intensive Care Unit. Lucas was put into a coma that was artificially caused. Soon later, he began to wean himself off the paralytic while being kept under anesthesia.

Nicole, his wife, suffered less damage than her husband Lucas. She was standing by him and encouraging him in every step of his recuperation. In order to assist the couple with their medical costs, their friends set up a GoFundMe campaign.

Over $93,000 of their $100,000 goal, which they established, was raised. Nicole expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed, assisted them, and even sent prayers for the young couple’s recovery.

Lucas finally came out of his 23-day coma and was deemed by medical professionals to be making progress toward recovery. According to reports, Lucas will now travel to an Atlanta rehab center to continue his recovery.

Lucas’ rehabilitation appears to be progressing well, based on Nicole’s Instagram postings. The ASCO deputy just completed 200 steps at the rehabilitation facility, which his wife and many other people in their lives praised.

Lucas was injured severely as a result of pushing his wife out of the way to save her life. True love is one that transforms a person into a selfless being.