This lady was in coma for 27 minutes… She says, “I saw Jesus face-to-face…”

After having her heart stop for 27 minutes, Tina Hines was brought back to life and sent her loved ones a crucial message.

It’s common to question whether heaven exists. We won’t find out till we pass away. Some claim to have seen it, but virtually anyone may make that claim. So, whose word do you believe?

Tina Hines, however, was certified medically dead for 27 minutes before being resuscitated.

And in those 27 minutes, she claimed, something extraordinary occurred. something that would only be spoken by a select few.

Hines’ abrupt cardiac arrest occurred as she was out for a walk with her husband.

Both of them weren’t prepared for this because Tina was otherwise healthy.

Before anyone could react, Tina fell to the ground and her eyes simply rolled back into her head. She was completely immobile and losing consciousness.

Her husband, Brian, did everything he could. He tried CPR, but it wasn’t very effective. She briefly recovered awareness before slipping back into slumber.

That was very serious. She required immediate emergency medical care since they were losing her.

Tina was not breathing or moving.

Tina’s heart could not be shocked when the paramedics came. After failing the first time, they gave it another shot. She was in a mess, and her husband was pleading with God to save her.

Still attempting to revive her, they hurriedly transported her to the hospital.

Tina’s family was praying more fervently than ever because things weren’t looking good.

Sister Tammy of Tina and her husband Dave were also traveling to be with Tina. It would take a while since they were traveling by car from Los Angeles.

Tammy did, however, say something strange to Dave as they were driving.

Tina’s sister claimed that she suddenly felt at peace and knew that Tina would be okay.

And wouldn’t you know it, Dave suddenly received a text message from Brian saying, “Tina is alive!”

It was miraculous.
Even though she was still lethargic and frail, Tina awoke in the ICU room. For the first time since she fell, Brian entered to see his wife.

His prayers had been heard, so what came next was quite a surprise.

The next day, when Tina’s health had significantly improved, she tried breathing on her own.

She made a signal to get a pen and paper.
She drew several lines and forms that appeared to be at random on the page. However, upon closer inspection, they discovered that they were words.

They had difficulty reading her handwriting after her rebirth, but they were eventually able to make out the words “It’s real.”

Tina’s husband questioned whether or not she was referring to the pain. But it wasn’t the case.

Tina only agreed when their daughter questioned, “Is there a heaven?”
Tina claims to have seen Jesus and the heavenly gates during those 27 minutes. She said he had this bright, lovely golden glow behind him, and it was the most calm thing she had ever experienced.

Her nearly fatal experience ultimately strengthened both her and her family’s faith.

She was discharged from the hospital without any lasting brain damage.
On her wrist, Tina’s niece got the tattoo “It’s genuine,” which reads:

“Her tale is too real not to share, and it has strengthened my faith in a religion that so frequently goes unnoticed.”

The religion of Tina’s family was already rather strong, but it is likely that their lives were completely altered by her alleged encounter with the Lord.

Did Tina’s tale potentially pique your interest in paradise as well? Or boosted your current level of faith?

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