Despite being 70, she looks only 40… This woman shares her secret to staying young!

Many people look for novel ways to lose weight and get in shape before the summer. Carolyn Hartz found this route more than thirty years ago.

No one believes her when she claims to be older than 40 years old, despite the fact that she is already 70 years old. Carolyn could only eat one food group due to her dependence on sugar.

70-year-old Carolyn is an Australian who seems 10 years younger than she actually is. The hosts of the program paid Carolyn little attention during her interviews since they didn’t think she was real.

The woman simply shrugged off her interlocutors’ shock, explaining that she had frequently had to show her passport as identification.

Carolyn states that she completely stopped eating sweets 30 years ago. To distract herself from her first denial, the woman resorted to tennis.

Now, she incorporates sports into practically all of her waking hours.

Eliminating sugar is crucial.

I noticed an improvement in my weight after a month. Of course, I also adhere to other fundamental standards of a healthy existence, Carolyn remarked, “I sleep for 8 hours every night and participate in physical activity.”

The woman asserts that her external youth and internal youth are compatible. Many people might be shocked to realize how bad sugar can be for one’s health.