Tourists were mesmerized by the father and daughter’s enthralling dance… Watch it here!

Great dancers Omur Abay and his daughter Sena are well-known to Zumba enthusiasts everywhere. It is well known that Omur is a well-liked fitness expert, and many women aspire to train with him.

Sena’s abilities are in no way less than those of her father. She grew up attending his training, which led to her being an expert in this sector as well.

The dad and daughter made the decision to perform a ferocious Zumba routine on the beach to brighten up the other tourists while they were on holiday.

They don’t appear to be paying attention to the order of the steps as they dance; instead, they appear to be just enjoying themselves and the moment. What could be more exhilarating than dancing outside with someone you love?

The essence of Zumba, a life-affirming exercise dance that appeals to people of all ages, is this upbeat environment.

Just see how vibrant and exciting this dance is! Look at how synchronized they carry out the simple steps of this happy dance!

Watch the video here: