Dog won’t go swimming without dad for the cutest reason possible…

Naro enjoys going on family vacations in the Netherlands. The adorable dog is always ready for an adventure, whether it involves water activities or hiking.

Even the most daring seekers occasionally experience fear, especially when there is water involved.

Consequently, when Naro is anxious, his father supports him in the best way he is able to: by giving him a bear hug.

Alex thinks Naro likes to cuddle because he wants to feel protected, make sure his family is secure, and, well, he just likes to be pampered.

Although Naro enjoys and is excellent at swimming, he feels most secure when he is near one of us.

He hates it when one of us is separated from the other in the water, especially when swimming because he thinks we are in danger. We hug a lot, and I think that gives him comfort.

The curious dog likes to play pick and explore the vast environment around him when he isn’t swimming. Alex said, “He likes watching everyone and everything.”

He is a gregarious person who gets along with everyone. We’re truly unbreakable, said Alex. «I love him… You could say that he is just my fantasy come true!