This retired woman won four lotteries for $1,500,000,000 over a 20-year period…

Joan Ginter, a senior, won the lottery four times during a 25-year period. At the current exchange rate, the entire winnings amount to $20.4 million, or 1.5 billion rubles.

1993 saw the first success. The woman received a 5.4 million dollar windfall. In 2006, the woman had luck the following time. Joan now has a $2,000,000 windfall. A further $2,000,000 was given to Ginter in 2008. The pensioner’s last good fortune occurred in 2010. This time, ten million dollars were added to her budget.

It turned out that Stanford University had produced Joan Ginter, a statistician with a Ph.D. in mathematics. an advanced degree. The woman spent many years instructing math at the University of California.

Math or chance?

The general consensus is that this woman’s luck is impossible. The secret to Joan Ginter’s success is a cold calculation, bribery, and mathematical analysis. The triple-winning ticket was bought in Bishop, a small hamlet, at a store within a service station.

One account states that the elderly had previously made arrangements with the supermarket’s owner, who was setting aside a fresh supply of tickets for her. She showed in, made her payment, wrapped the tickets in packets, and left for the closest motel.

The second account is that Joan Ginter solely played instant lotteries, purchasing 3,000 tickets annually. The woman most likely correctly identified the “pseudo-random number generator” that was used to distribute the fortunate ticket’s number.