Down syndrome girl has talent. She does her sister’s hair, and it’s incredible

Millions of people have previously viewed beauty videos with sisters! This family is producing a skilled stylist.

Calista Hash, 19, of San Antonio, adopted Worthy Rigelsky, a Chinese child with Down syndrome, when she was only five days old. The sisters have been inseparable since then. Worthy doesn’t do much like other kids, but she excels in one thing. When a girl takes up an iron and a comb, she instantly transforms into a great stylist and hairdresser and creates stunning hairstyles for her sister.

Worthy has a natural talent, according to Calista. She taught herself everything by watching her foster mother arrange her hair and apply cosmetics. She enjoys “bringing beauty” to her big sister, and she is astounded by Worthy’s agility and attention to precision.

Calista, who goes by the TikTok username worthyandkal, put a video online one day in which Worthy tries hairdressing. She described it as an experiment in which she just turned on the music, sat in front of the camera, and had her sister fix her hair and place jewelry around her neck. Calista’s post went viral in a couple of hours, garnering over a million views!

Users were so taken with Tiny Worthy’s work that they started to request that the sisters post more videos. The pieces have been published on a regular basis since then. Calista and Worthy have a large following. Subscribers often remark in the comments that the sisters’ charming, love-filled beauty films help them cope with stress.

Calista feels that there is too much animosity on social media and recommends that people just stop and relax while viewing her sister’s work. She regards Worthy as the finest gift in life and values her tight connection with her greatly. “She could have ended up anywhere if our family hadn’t adopted her.” But she’s with us now, and I’m overjoyed. This girl deserves to be loved, to have a family, and to have all the world has to offer. I adore her (even more than my husband, to be honest). “Worthy is my best friend,” Calista adds.