Everyone is in awe of the brave young boy who signs the national anthem in front of a large crowd of people…

Drake Grillo is distinct from other young kids; once at a time, there was a bold little lad. He resided in a little town where the annual basketball game was the main yearly event.

Thousands of residents from the town would attend the game, which was always played at the stadium.

One year, right before the game began, the event’s coordinator, who was in charge of the national anthem, discovered that the singer had become unwell and would not be able to perform.

No one can believe a brave young boy agreed to sing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium.

They frantically asked the audience if anyone could sing the national anthem in front of the entire stadium if they knew it.

Drake, a 3-year-old youngster who had always been quiet and reserved, had been taught the song by his mother.

He came up without thinking and declared he could sing it.

Given that Drake was still a little child and that the national anthem is a difficult song to perform in front of such a huge audience, the organizer was dubious.

Drake, though, was adamant that he could succeed and was determined.

The stadium quieted when Drake entered the playing area.

Everyone was in amazement of the bravery of this small child who, in spite of his apparent trepidation, had walked up to sing the national song.

No one can believe a brave young boy agreed to sing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium.

However, as soon as Drake started singing, the audience was in awe of the gorgeous and potent voice that emanated from his diminutive frame.

The throng joined him in singing the song as he did so passionately.

The audience came together at that absolutely amazing time.

The crowd exploded in clapping and shouts at the conclusion of the song for Drake, who had now emerged as the main attraction.

Drake was no longer the quiet and reserved youngster he had been before that day.

He had grown more self-assured and had demonstrated to everyone his extraordinary abilities.

Along with singing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium, he also pulled everyone together, bringing them all together in a common act of patriotism and pride.

Here is the video: