This Chinese girl’s parents left her but now Vogue asks her to model for them…

A Chinese couple, concerned about their daughter’s appearance, decided to place her in an orphanage rather than raise her themselves despite the fact that she was albino.

The newborn was turned away by her parents because of her albinism, but she became a successful model, demonstrating that her one-of-a-kind look was something to be treasured rather than despised and that she should have been accepted because of it.

Xueli Abbing, a child who was born with congenital albinism and currently resides in the Netherlands, was born in the Netherlands.

She was left without any knowledge regarding her birthdate by the people who were supposed to be her biological parents.

Despite having a challenging childhood, she has overcome adversity to become a successful model and an advocate for others who live with albinism.

In 2019, Xueli Abbing had an X-ray taken on her hand in order to determine her age more accurately.

The physicians who examined her at the time estimated that she was somewhere around 15 years old.

Xueli Abbing was lucky enough to be adopted by a European family from the Netherlands when she was around three years old. This was a turn of events that turned out to be quite beneficial for her.

At the age of 11, Xueli Abbing was provided with an opportunity that lead her to begin a career in the modeling industry. This was an unexpected turn of events for Xueli.

The woman who gave birth to Xueli got in touch with a fashion designer in Hong Kong who was the brains behind a movement dubbed Perfect Flaws.

Xueli’s first opportunity to break into the modeling profession came about as a result of her participation in this campaign.

Since then, she has established herself as a prominent model and appeared in the 2019 issue of the Italian Vogue magazine.

Xueli now takes pleasure in her profession as a model and is certain that she is having a good influence on the world by challenging the preconceptions that are associated with persons with albinism such as herself.