Felipe Rossi, a generous Brazilian dentist, gave free dental care around the world…

Meet Felipe Rossi, a young Brazilian dentist who made the decision to commit himself to work that is supportive of others.

In 2016, he co-founded the non-governmental organization (NGO) Por1sorriso fund with his colleagues and other partners. The fund’s primary objective is to assist low-income citizens who are struggling with dental health issues.

Their center does not have a fixed address; rather, the focus is on the frequent travel that the medical professionals engaged in in order to treat the greatest number of patients.

The mission of the team was to instill self-assurance and contentment in the community so that people would once again feel comfortable smiling.

Terri Rimmer, who had been Felipe Rossi’s patient, has decided to tell Felipe and the world her heartbreaking experience.

Therefore, the woman lost her teeth as a result of the detrimental stress she experienced after the death of a loved one.

For an extended period of time, she was confined, which contributed to her depression.

The loss of her teeth not only made it difficult for her to communicate with other people, but it also rendered her unable to chew food in the regular manner.

The treatment method was drawn out and uncomfortable throughout, but in the end everything turned out okay. She regained her prior grin as well as her self-confidence after seeing the dentist.

She is just one example of the thousand patients that Felipe has treated, all of whom have totally healthy teeth and a grin that exudes confidence.

One aspect that makes his approach stand out is the fact that he offers genuine assistance to individuals who do not normally have access to such opportunities.

His goal in life is to make his patients as content as possible.

Because of this, he acts in this manner. The other piece of encouraging news is that around 4,500 individuals have already joined his team in order to provide free assistance to those in need.