Grandpa, who graduated from college at age 81, wants to set an example for others…

If this old man could achieve it, so can I; the much younger people should think to themselves after reading this narrative, the author says, how Bandy stated. At the age of 81, American grandfather Way Bandy finally completed his studies at the University of South Florida after putting in a lot of time and work.

The amazing job has been given that he last attended a class about 50 years ago. At the age of 22, Bandy attended the colleges of Samford and Alabama, but he had to abandon his studies in order to support his family and work.

He had other priorities at the time. The man said to “Good Morning America” that a specific pledge he made to his mother served as his primary driving force for resuming his job. “My mother, bless his heart, but what dad taught me as a child was, ‘Your health and your word of honor are the two most essential things. I need your word of honor that you’ll eventually return and earn your degree, he said.

If this elderly man could accomplish it, so can I, he remarked, hoping that the story would serve as an inspiration for younger people. The eight-grandchild grandfather acknowledged that he was pleased it was finished and gave some guidance to those navigating the difficult road to higher education.

“Be patient, keep moving toward your objective, and tell yourself that it will soon be over. Do whatever inspires you to act. I sincerely promise that anyone can achieve it if I can, he said in his conclusion.

Bandy has now earned a degree in “general studies” biology with a focus on wetlands, which are widespread in the region. in Florida.