Groban is challenged by Bublé to perform a duet using their best impersonations of one another… Watch it here!

For his audience, Michael Buble had always been a fun person to watch. On stage, the performer was renowned for making people laugh and for having an amazing voice. He could also pass for other famous people, despite the fact that he knew they can always show up and call for him.

Recently, Buble made the choice to mimic his pal Josh Groban during one of his performances. He began to pick at the gifted vocalist while imitating the tenor’s voice.

He initially started out by confessing to everyone that he wanted to stop singing jazz. Fans were surprised to hear this coming from a performer who was dubbed the “Frank Sinatra” of his time. The songs “Crazy Love,” “Haven’t Met You Yet,” “Fly Me to the Moon,” and “Save the Last Dance for Me” were among Buble’s best-known songs. He was certain about his future, though.

Some members of the audience questioned if Buble comprehended the energy in the room and asked, “Is he kidding, or is he serious? I mean it! In all honesty, I don’t even like jazz. Even a refund was made available by the artist. Everyone figured out that this must be a part of his presentation, though. He went on to say that he didn’t want to start his career by writing music with well-known bands, but by “kicking Josh Groban’s little butt.”

Groban wasn’t just any “little butt,” though. He was a singer and actor with a Grammy nomination. He was well-known for his songs including “The Prayer,” “You Raise Me Up,” and “Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast. Buble did not, however, end there.

Then he requested from his bandmates something that would enable him to sing on par with Groban. It ultimately only appeared in Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 smash song “I Will Survive” in an operatic rendition.

The entire performance was masterfully designed to bring Groban onstage with him. Groban initially gave the impression that he wasn’t impressed and stood up the steps, which appeared to be an entrance backstage. The crowd, though, was already cheering because this was not what they had anticipated.

Buble deduced what had occurred from the audience’s facial expression. He is directly behind me, isn’t he, he said to everyone. and appeared ashamed. He was unsure of how to deal with Groban. Onstage, the two embraced and exchanged greetings. Buble offered his fellow performer the chance to sing one of his jazz compositions while they were both onstage.

The deed didn’t stop there. When Buble started to imitate Groban, Groban responded with a witty remark. “Am I Kermit the Frog?” he asked. What is happening here? As the jazz singer sang “You Raise Me Up,” Buble gave Groban tips on how to stand and how to match the operatic singing.

Even Groban paid it forward by mimicking Buble’s movements and singing “Fly Me To The Moon.” Later, he had them face each other while he finished the “I Love You” song. This demonstrated to their audience the two vocalists’ brilliance and sense of humor.

Here is the video: