He tracked down his mom after 22 years of being abandoned and thanked her for leaving him…

When Ellen learned she was pregnant, she was just beginning her twenties. She once had a lover, but as soon as she revealed this to him, he left. His parents informed her that he didn’t want the child and promptly sent him to study in another city. She turned away from her mother as well. She merely ejected her from the residence. She promised not to take her back with the child.

Ellen was a vagrant. At least her girlfriends first agreed to let her stay with them, but as time went on, each one of them began to object more frequently. She was forced to reside at the train station when she was eight months pregnant.

She made a friend with a local café employee there. Before giving delivery, she offered to do the dishes in the kitchen to make some money. She said that she would allow her to sleep inside. which is superior to sitting on a bench.

A lovely baby boy was born to Ellen a few weeks later. Because she knew she would have to give him up, she sobbed day and night. She left an abandoned note as well as the abandonment:

«Son, I’m sorry. I have nowhere to live; therefore, I can’t take you with me. I genuinely want you to be content.

Ellen returned to the cafe’s proprietor and kept working for her.

Ellen no longer resembled the young woman who was formerly homeless at the train station. She is domineering, well-groomed, and fairly wealthy. After the previous owner passed away, she acquired the cafe and is now the sole operator. She had, however, been blaming herself for abandoning her son for years. She didn’t have any more kids. Perhaps such a penalty comes from fate.

One day a stranger approached her and said he needed to talk about something important. Ellen was astounded when she saw him. She recognized this man as the one she had broken up with 22 years prior with only one glance. Her son was there!

«Hello. Greetings, I’m Aleks. The young man introduced himself as “your son” and extended a message she had written.

Through her sobs, she mumbled, “And how did you find me?”

It is no longer relevant. I simply inferred from the note that you did not abandon me pointlessly. You must have had a lot of hardship in your life. But I do want to express my gratitude to you for giving me life and a wonderful upbringing. Despite their poverty, my parents never ever considered leaving me.

The son then walked away, and Ellen started crying while still holding the note. Knowing she would never be able to forgive herself. It was her constant burden.