In Jennifer Nettles’ Christmas show with Idina Menzel, the child steals the show

As Christmas approaches, memories of previous holidays flood back. A season of giving and celebrating. Despite the fact that this year may differ from the previous one, It will not prevent us from spreading happiness in the lives of our loved ones.

Christmas songs are one of the most sentimental aspects of the holiday season. We have a lot of great classics, such as The Little Drummer Boy. Consequently, a group of brilliant girls performed the song at the 2016 CMA Country Christmas.

The quiet acoustic guitar in the background adds warmth to the stage, while the twinkling lights create a festive atmosphere. Nettles aren’t afraid to give the tune an energetic twist with a country flavor. Most of us are accustomed to the slow and meticulous version. However, the vocalists more than make up for it.

Idina Menzel joins her fellow vocalist onstage. If you are not aware, she is Elsa from the popular children’s film “Frozen.” The woman delivers a flawless rendition of the song. Soon after, a young man with drums enters the scene. He performs a choreographed dance that fits the concept nicely. Please hit play to enjoy this musical performance. Please show your admiration for the group in the feed.