Keith Urban invites random fan on stage for breathtaking guitar duet!

Martin described Huillo as “a very special young man.” He utilizes music to understand people, emotions, and the world. We heard one of his songs this week and asked him to sing with us.” As Huillo took the stage at the 65,000-person Foro Sol stadium, the crowd yelled his name.

Huillo performed lead vocals and played piano, undeterred by the large crowd, while the band provided acoustic backup. The lyrics of “Different is OK” promote meaningful connections and celebrate diversity. Below is the full viral video of Huillo’s first Coldplay performance.

Urban mentioned Rob, a resident of Berlin, Massachusetts, after noticing his girlfriend Lex’s sign stating “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday” and Rob’s sign indicating his desire to play. Urban asked Rob if he could play the guitar and offered to do so, while Lexi informed him that they had met at school. She was honest when she described her husband as a “fantastic guitarist.”

Urban enjoys inviting fans onto the stage to liven up his performances. Urban later hired young Hailey Benedict to play and sing on his tour. As demonstrated here, Hailey performed folk-pop while the leader looked on proudly.