We barely spend 1,500 euros a month on groceries, says the woman, who now has 9 kids and will soon have the 10th one!

Many people hope to have children one day. There are people who choose to have only one child, people who choose to have two children, and people who think, wish, and do everything in their power to have a large family. There are young couples who strive to have a large family and overcome all obstacles to do so.

As an example, consider the mother and father we want to discuss with you. They are two young individuals, ages 29 and 33, who have nine children already and are expecting a tenth.

Chris and Amanda Sellers, who reside in Virginia, were introduced in 2013. Since that time, they have remained together and have begun to consider their shared future as well as, most importantly, starting a family.

The man had two children, Ryan and Logan, from a prior relationship when they started dating, and had never considered having more. But then his soul partner showed up, and everything was different.

“Chris and I started trying soon after our relationship began, and in 2014 Liam entered the picture. Then, in 2015, Mya and Mia, our twins, were born. They were followed by Emma in 2020, Asher and Brycen in 2017, and Eli in 2018. With the exception of 2021, I have virtually always been pregnant, and we are currently expecting our eleventh kid.

They all get along well, and I try to teach them how to do everything around the house so that they are independent. For example, they assist me with housework and can handle food preparation.

The enormous family doesn’t seem to be bothered by its size; rather, it appears to be well-organized. How can they manage, for instance, to feed 12 people so many meals at such a high cost over the course of a month?

According to Amanda, they plan ahead at the beginning of the month to avoid running out of necessities and spend more than 1,000 euros on long-lasting goods and about 400 euros on fresh goods. She said, “We have a well and a big fridge where we store monthly supplies.

In order to maximize organization, they use a 15-seater van for transport as well as for cleaning and food. According to Amanda, life can sometimes be really hectic, but if that’s what you ultimately desire, you can achieve anything. And she informs individuals who are concerned about the amount of care each child receives or does not receive that she is able to commit herself to each of them with the help of her spouse.

Therefore, there is nothing to say about this couple’s efficacy; instead, let’s hope they can keep becoming better despite the birth of their ninth child. Best of luck!