Miss Universe made an un-made-up appearance and uploaded pictures to the Internet… Here they are!

There is a popular belief that only women who are unable to improve themselves are considered ugly. Catriona Gray, a 24-year-old Filipina, recently earned the title of “Miss Universe 2018” after stunning the judges and the globe with her breathtaking beauty.

In the competition, she looked stunning, endearing, and radiant in fashionable outfits, makeup that made her skin look velvety, and well-styled hair. However, after so much glitz, she has chosen to present herself on the networks as she is, sans any cosmetics.

With this, she has demonstrated why some people believe she is the most beautiful woman in the world, which is that even without makeup, she is flawless; in fact, some people even contend that she appears better in her natural state.

The young woman’s features are clearly visible without any makeup; while they do not exactly like those of women in her nation, her eyes and eyelids appear to be quite typical. She may spend a lot of time taking care of her skin, as it appears healthy and attractive.

By defeating over 90 contenders, Catriona is having the time of her life. Her popularity reached a new high when she was named the winner and demonstrated her superiority in the parade while wearing a swimming suit and a party dress and intelligently responding to the jury’s questions.

As many people are already aware, the competitors in this kind of competition undergo countless examinations, and they must prepare for a very long time, learning everything from walking to answering questions to fixing themselves.

You can see how beautiful they are from head to toe at every event, but have you ever wondered what most of these contenders look like without makeup? And as a result, the winner had no trouble being herself online with her followers in order to avoid projecting an impossible image.

Even before she was crowned, Gray posted several pictures of herself on her Instagram account looking beautiful in her natural state. Her simplicity, charisma, and attractiveness have captivated online users, who claim that she is deserving of such a crown.

We must never lose sight of the fact that a person’s head and heart are far more significant than his outward look.