No one wanted this puppy but why would that possibly be? Find out here…

Despite being a bad dog, this one guarded a building in Cairo. When strangers approached his home, he guarded it as any good dog would.

It seemed appropriate to call the dog Anubis after the Egyptian deity of the afterlife, as Lauren Connelly of SNARR stated, “He roared, so they sliced off his snout.” Because of this, he essentially moped around town for a long time.

Others are speaking for him when he cannot. The Animal Welfare Foundation was a small-town nonprofit organization at the beginning. Then came a SNARR.

Connelly, the host coordinator for the shelter, claims that hundreds of animals have been rescued from them and brought to America.

Anubis was transported from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to Olney, Maryland, where he lived for a week before being moved to Fort Worth, Texas.

This journey into the underworld involved travel, just as Anubis’. The aroma of affection permeated the entire room.

then eat! There is plenty of food available. He “eats backwards to compensate,” as Connelly puts it, to make up for that.

He will eventually be placed in long-term foster care in El Paso, Texas.

Anubis will be given back to his original owner after six months. According to Connelly, they are “madly in love” with him and may wind up becoming his forever family. His heart has been won over by his new blind sister.

Despite spending his entire existence under moving automobiles in perilous areas, Anubis is no longer a hellhound. The sofa’s god.