You won’t believe what this woman discovered in her sneakers…

When Alisa opened her front door last year, she noticed a small green object on her patio. It had settled there, an amphibious creature.

The bare-faced expert on land and in the sea may have been eliminated by Hood. She gave me yet another sneaker.

The frog had a fun on the one and only night she stayed. She never missed another night of eating bugs on Alisa’s patio after dark after that.

Alisa gave her the nickname Jabba since she turned into such an odd machine there.

A worn-out pair of Alisa’s running shoes that were left on the porch served as Jabba’s go-to resting spot whenever she was feeling tired or needed a break.

The presence of an amphibian rendered Alisa’s shoe useless.

After hopping away from the shoe and the patio at the end of the summer, Jabba is said to have spent the winter napping off in the woods close to Alisa’s house.

Jabba also returned in the spring, but soon Alisa’s foot would surpass the boundless motion made possible by her shoe.