This two-year-old girl sees her mom for the first time after getting an eye surgery… Watch her reaction here!

Most of us take for granted the things we use every day. For instance, some people do not have senses, such as sight, hearing, walking, and speech.

Living without the ability to see is arguably the worst of all of these things. a green meadow or a blue sky’s basic beauty. We cannot fathom our lives without these riches.

This is why we found this narrative to be quite intriguing. Nicolly Pereira, who is only 2 years old, has never been able to see or hear her mother. In Brazil, she underwent a number of procedures, but none were successful.

When Nicolly’s mother, Diana Pereira, shared her experience on Facebook, a movement to help her see was started. And the outcomes were, well, incredible!

According to the Miami Herald, Nicolly received a Childhood Glaucoma diagnosis not long after birth. She would have to spend the rest of her life in the dark, according to the physicians, who believed she was incapable of even seeing the light.

However, one Miami Herald reader got in touch with the Jackson Health Foundation, a group affiliated with Kevin Garcia’s organization, after reading Diana’s tale on Facebook. The combined proceeds from the two charities were enough to cover Nicolly’s surgery’s $17,000 cost.

The day arrived to determine whether the surgery was successful after she underwent it, which reduced the pressure level in her eyes from 50 to 12 (the typical level for youngsters is between 10 and 20).

Little Nicolly can be seen sobbing furiously in an emotional video that was captured just after the bandages were taken off. She calms down though until the doctors take the bandages off of her eyes. For the first time in her life, she is miraculously able to see now!

Naturally, she was perplexed at first, but as soon as she saw Diana, her mother, everything began to make sense.

Watch the moving scenes that Nicolly witnesses for the first time in her life in the video below: