Plus size or perfect body? We now know the real size Marilyn Monroe wore…

The iconic image of Marilyn Monroe never ceases to hold people’s attention even to this day. As a sex icon of the 20th century, many women looked up to her and envied the figure that she possessed.

However, there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not she would meet the criteria for beauty in today’s society.

Investigating the clothing size that Monroe actually wore is one technique to have a better understanding of this topic.

There are still many films, photographs, and amateur shots of the actress that are being studied in order to provide an answer to the question of what size she wore.

Despite the fact that her career was relatively short due to the fact that she passed away at the age of 36, there are still many films, photographs, and amateur shots of the actress.

According to a number of articles, she wore a size 14, which, in terms of contemporary sizing, is about equivalent to a size 52-54 or an XL.

On the other hand, actress Elizabeth Hurley has described Monroe as “fat” after viewing an exhibition of her clothes. Her comments were based on the exhibition.

The dimensions grids that were used in the 1950s were very different from those that are used today, which is one of the primary causes of the uncertainty regarding Monroe’s clothing size.

As an illustration, a size “zero” in today’s standard is equivalent to a size 10 in the older system. This indicates that Monroe’s real clothing size was somewhere in the region of 42 to 44.

In addition, the criteria documented by the Blue Book modeling agency, which was where Monroe signed a contract when she was 19 years old, have been kept.

With a height of 166 centimeters and an approximate weight of 53 kilograms, Marilyn Monroe had a form that was practically perfect in terms of an hourglass proportion.

The administrator of the agency even made a note of the fact that Monroe wore a size 12 at the time.

In conclusion, despite the fact that Marilyn Monroe may have been deemed plus-size according to the standards of her period, it is highly possible that in today’s society she would be considered a size that is more typical of the average person.

Regardless of the size of the clothes she wears, her iconic reputation and ongoing appeal are both a testament to the beauty and talent that she possesses.