Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have had a great relationship. Their son is already 26 years old…

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are perhaps still considered to be one of the most well-known and endearing couples in Hollywood.

During those formative years of their lives, the couple’s love served as a shining illustration of what a healthy, harmonious partnership should look like.

Despite this, the caring couple decided against having their own children in favor of adopting two newborns from a foster care program.

Their little children, Isabella and Connor, had the best possible childhood since they were constantly showered with their parents’ love and care.

Nevertheless, there are instances when things do not go according to plan, and the young couple started having conversations about maybe obtaining a divorce.

And it wasn’t until the charming youngster turned six that his adoptive parents finalized their separation.

Then, Kidman relocated to Australia, where she started having sporadic visits with her offspring.

And after a number of years, when she remarried and simply ceased communicating with her first husband and their children, she also divorced him.

Therefore, the young siblings remained in their father’s care, who continued to be actively involved in their upbringing.

There is a good chance that Connor and Isabella’s passion to Scientology was instilled in them by their father.

Even still, whispers have it that Cruise’s devotion to the religion of Scientology was the primary factor that led to the famous stars’ split.

Katie Holmes, who was Tom Cruise’s second wife, is rumored to have been unable to tolerate her husband’s peculiar addiction and profound devotion to the Scientology religion.

Despite this, Tom is still the finest father possible to his children.

Because of his efforts to shield them from the public eye, the siblings hardly ever appear in public, and thus, their followers know very little about them.