Rihanna posted the first video of her child, and her baby is adorable!

The newborn kid of Rihanna has now made his public debut. And he appears stunningly lovely. The international celebrity recently uploaded a 45-second TikTok video of her 7-month-old child smiling and laughing in his car seat.

He attempted to take her phone away like any other youngster being filmed at one point in the sweet video, and you can hear his famous mother laughing at him in the background.

One TikToker user said under the video, “This little man does not realize his mommy is Rihanna.” “Rii!”

You have a wonderful boyfriend. He’s real, guys! I adore him already. remarked the other. Another message was left by Paris Hilton, who expressed her happiness for you.

The singer recently discussed her favorite parenting traits in an interview, including that priceless smile we saw on TikTok. “My God, to see his handsome face in the morning!

It’s tender to see a baby with small pouches. This is my favorite moment of the day and the most wonderful thing in the world.

Here is the video: