He was 80 and she was 29. After 5 years of marriage, how does this unique couple live?

She gave up on her youth and her friendships with her contemporaries in order to form a partnership with a pensioner. But many people are still baffled as to why the student married an 80-year-old man. We discuss this odd pair and the course of their family life.

At a Cape Town event in 2016 that a local newspaper organized, Terzel met her future spouse. The 28-year-old woman was employed there as a journalist. Even before the ceremony began, the elderly man noticed her. Terzel was alone when he thought she was, so he went to meet her.

Following that discussion, the pair stopped breaking up. They met the following day in a cafe after quickly exchanging phone numbers.

Terzel’s first committed partnership was with Wilson. Wilson, though, was already married but now a widow. 2002 saw the oncology death of his girlfriend, Nelly.

The man was faithful to his late wife for the entire 15 years after her departure—that is, until he met Terzel.

Despite the groom being 24 years older than his mother-in-law, Terzel’s mother welcomed him with open arms. Even though she is half their age, Wilson’s girls interact with their father’s chosen one on an equal basis. The couple did not postpone the wedding.

A year after they first met, they were married. The bride was only 29 years old, and the groom was 80 years old at the time. The public, however, was not in favor of Terzel and Wilson’s union.

The network started to get blamed for the girl, and the most innocent thing that was said to her was, “Gold hunter.” Terzel was deeply hurt by this. After all, she and Wilson really did have a spark and are in love.