Roy’s only supporter after his parents passed away is the school bully, who receives cheers and applause at prom…

Until the biggest bully in their class came down next to him, a youngster at school was sitting in despair. After stunning their classmates, they both received a standing ovation at the prom as a result of something extraordinary that occurred between them.

What are you doing here, by the way? Do you have a sob?” Roy was questioned by Alex in a mocking manner. Roy would typically keep quiet and wait for Alex to crack jokes to make fun of him. Everyone in their grade was frightened to confront him since he was the greatest bully in their class.

For Roy, things had changed, though. He was no longer terrified and lacked the patience. “Leave, Alex. I don’t really need your bullying. Roy laughed sarcastically and shook his head, “I’m dealing with hard issues.

They were on the quad outside. Roy lacked the energy to attend the class, which had already begun. However, he didn’t anticipate Alex being present. He knew the bully could see Roy’s scarlet cheeks and his tears in his eyes, and he expected him to keep making fun of him.

Alex, though, sat down. He asked, sounding more sincere now, “What’s going on?”

Roy said, “Hmmm…,” perplexed by the bully’s altered demeanor. “My parents passed just a week ago, and nobody seems to care. My so-called “friends” didn’t attend the funeral. I currently reside with my grandparents and detest everything.

Roy cried once again and anticipated Alex would begin making fun of him. He didn’t, though. The bully replied, “I understand what that’s like.

“What?” Roy snorted.

“What makes you believe I am the way I am? I’m not a beast. nevertheless I simply can’t stop. Bullying lessens the suffering,” remarked Alex. Slowly. Carefully.

What hurts? Curious, Roy enquired. Nobody was aware of Alex’s past. He had bullied them ever since their first year together.

I also reside with my grandparents. But my mother ran away, and I didn’t have a father. “I don’t know,” he replied, looking away. However, he patted Roy on the back with his hand. I am aware of how that is.

When Roy heard those words, his mouth tensed. He was the only person at the school he knew who had gone through something similar, so he never expected to connect with Alex of all people. His own pals were not sympathetic or consoling. However, the bully everyone feared was present. That day, Roy’s perspective on the world shifted. And so did Alex’s attitude.

Roy said to Alex, “I want to show you something.

Since their touching encounter at the quad bench, months had passed, and they had developed into close friends. To everyone’s amazement, Alex had stopped treating people badly, and Roy enjoyed Alex’s company beyond all others.

At his grandparents’ home, he brought his friend, and the two entered the garage. “Oh, wow. Is that the vintage automobile your grandpa drove? Alex enquired while giggling at the useless object Roy had shown him.

Roy said, not deterred by Alex’s statements, “Actually, yeah.” He was accurate. It was chaotic. “My dad received it from my grandpa years ago. He supposedly told my dad that he wanted to refurbish it after learning that he was going to sell it. He never did, therefore I now own it.

“Well… I’m not sure. You might be able to sell it for a few hundred dollars. Alex shrugged, “But not much else.

“I want to fix it up. I still recall my father telling me he wanted to fix it so I could one day ride it to prom. I want to mend it so I can wear it to prom. Can you assist me? Roy enquired as he intently regarded his companion.

Alex scratched the back of his neck and moaned. “I’ll assist you. But you’ll pay a hefty price for it. Even if we do a fantastic job of fixing it, those morons will still make fun of it, the adolescent said.

“I don’t give a damn what the other students at that school think. Roy answered with a smile, “This is for my dad, and Grandpa promised to help, too.

Alex responded with a smile, “I think my Granddad can help us too,” and they started working.

To pay for all the components, they had to take on part-time jobs at a nearby pizza joint. They also studied YouTube videos on restoring classic cars. They received as much assistance from their grandfathers as they could, and the teenagers even spoke with several neighborhood mechanics who were kind enough to provide them some advice.

Because of the whole ordeal, they became close, and Alex became Roy’s best buddy. However, Alex had no idea what his friend would do for him in the future.

Roy sat in his tux and exclaimed, “I adore this car.” “I have a James Bond feeling.”

Alex made a loud laugh. They had been working on the car for a year when they decided to take it to prom. They weren’t very friendly to most of the students in their grade, but neither of them had any dates. Alex had never given much thought to friendships till Roy taught him that the individuals he called friends were not beneficial for him. They had each other and intended to have a good time that night nonetheless.

However, a few kids turned to Roy’s automobile and began giggling as soon as they parked in the driveway.

Hello, Roy! Where’d you acquire that junk from? It moves? I can’t believe it. They were made fun of as they exited by a jock. Alex began to lash out at the females who were laughing at him, but Roy grabbed his shoulder, shook his head, and led the way as they headed in that direction.

I agree, Charlie. At least my mom didn’t buy me a car; I mended it myself like a genuine guy!” Charlie stopped talking once Roy fired back. Roy believed that when everyone entered the building, the problem would be resolved.

However, Alex and Roy were once more made fun of when Charlie brought several of his pals to their table.

Alex ordered Charlie to leave right away, and the others took notice of his tone. They turned to the lads’ table, anticipating a major brawl before their prom.

Roy, however, wished for nothing unfavorable to occur at their prom. Since there hadn’t been any issues for a while, Alex was no longer seen as the bully at school. Instead, the music stopped when he entered the stage and seized the microphone. All eyes were on him.

“Hello, everyone! You can make fun of my car all you want, but my dad was the owner. So that I could take it to prom, he wanted to restore it. I recently fulfilled his desire with the help of my friend Alex. So, unlike his brand-new Jeep, Charlie here and his friends can make fun of me for being old, but he won’t put me down. Let’s have fun at the prom! Roy screamed. Oh, and we are now automobile specialists if anyone wants a fix. You can get a terrific price from us! Leave now!

When Roy dropped the mic like a rock star, everyone cheered and stood to applaud. Alex laughed when Roy went back to his seat after Charlie and his buddies left their table.

He was told by his pal, “You’re an idiot.”

Roy affirmed, “Yeah,” and they both chuckled.

Let’s just say that the remainder of their prom was wonderful and that several of the girls were impressed with the car. It was a wonderful evening.

Years later, Roy opened an auto repair firm with Alex using the inheritance he inherited after his parents passed away. Alex could only contribute a small amount of savings, but Roy didn’t care. They were on par.

They quickly built up a loyal customer and made a large profit. They enrolled in business courses at the nearby community college to learn how to run and expand their business, and they succeeded. Their grandparent’s pride in them was palpable.

When Alex’s grandfather was ill one day, they lacked insurance to cover his surgery.

“We may sell the company. It’s at its height,” Roy replied right away.

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“What? Are you insane? We live in it! In addition, you own the majority of it because you invested more money in it. Shaking his head, Alex

“First, regardless of who donated how much money, it is OUR business. We both own this. Second, your granddad played a role in shaping who we are today. Without him and my grandpa, I don’t think we would have continued with the antique car repair. Whatever it takes, we have to take care of them, right? Roy clarified.

Alex was at a loss for words. He was stuck in a bind. His friend was prepared to sell the company since he cherished it more than anything else in the world. Exactly like that. He hugged Roy even though he didn’t want to cry in front of Roy.

“Delay selling for now. Let’s try to think of another way,” Alex whispered into his friend’s shoulder. He resisted letting go.

In the end, they managed to raise the money necessary for Alex’s grandpa’s operation without having to sell the car shop. Alex, however, would never forget what Roy was prepared to sacrifice for him.

He had no idea that a simple bench seat years earlier would result in a friendship and business collaboration that would last a lifetime. Because of how angry he had been as a child, they were able to relate. They had an unshakable bond.