The “miracle child” of the family is held in the arms of a dad and child as they cry out of happiness…

After holding the newborn for the first time since birth, a father was pictured with his kid. Their wonderful reaction was captured in this raw, emotional moment, which has now gone viral.

Gioa Prudencio Netto and his lovely wife patiently awaited the birth of a second child for years in order to fulfill their son David’s wish for a sibling. Having a baby girl named Giovanna was their final miracle.

In March, the wife gave birth to her, making the entire family happy and grateful to God. No one appeared to be more moved by this miracle than Netto and his son in particular.

All they could do at that point was cry out in joy as their fervent prayers were answered.

On social media, Netto posted a photo of this lovely and moving occasion. The new father is shown in the picture sitting on the couch with his son on his lap.

The young kid cradled the excited-looking child in his arms with great affection. But as soon as he caught sight of his younger sister’s serene face, he started to lose control.

The boy’s father spoke a few words of consolation in his ear, but this only made them feel worse. The pair also whispered sweet nothings to the young girl as a way of showing their affection.

Netto noted in the post’s description that he lost his ability to conceive after they had David, but he continued to have faith in God. After over ten years of waiting, his wife at last experienced a spontaneous conception.

Netto feels extremely blessed by God for this. He now hopes that sharing his experience may motivate others to believe in miracles.

He said that for numerous years, up until he became a father once more, his family prayed for this every day. Following Netto’s heartfelt message, a number of individuals sent comments congratulating the new parents.

What is more stunning than this? They adored her so much and yearned for a kid so much! Other users expressed a desire to benefit from this family’s blessings and to witness a similar miracle in their own life.

Such tales give individuals inspiration to overcome adversity and hope for a long-awaited miracle! If you found it fascinating, spread the word to your loved ones!