She became the oldest mom in the world at the age of 67… Here is what she looks like today…

The woman, who was included in the Guinness Book of Records, dared to become a mother at the age of 67.

Nobody will be shocked now if they become a mother later. You might frequently run into a 40-year-old mom with a little child on the playground.

However, there are instances where a lady gives birth after 50 or even 60 years with the use of IVF.

Of course, the expectant mother is in grave danger in this situation. since she is starting to experience health issues, and it is unknown how long she will live.

The legislative level of various nations’ governments has intentions to restrict a woman’s ability to conceive after a certain age.

Since these regulations have not yet been implemented, women are able to deliver babies relatively late. There are not many of these. Maria del Carmen Busada de Lara, for instance, is a Spanish woman. The woman, who was included in the Guinness Book of Records, dared to become a mother at the age of 67.

She also had twins. She gave birth to two boys in 2006, naming them Pau and Christian. Despite the mother’s advanced age and the infants’ low birth weight of 1600 g, they were born healthy.

IVF helped a Spaniard become pregnant. She lowered her age by 12 years so she could have the operation. The woman was not married, and when the doctors inquired, she evasively said that it was up to her whether or not to get married. This was Maria’s first pregnancy.

The mother of the Spaniard lived a long life and passed away when she was well over 100 years old. Maria made the decision to wait so long to have children because she thought she would live a very long time.

But fate had other plans. The Spaniard developed cancer, and she passed away when the children were 3 years old. Maria’s younger sister, who is childless, took in the boys as her own.

The sister made a dying woman a vow that she would inform the boys’ real mother and would not keep them in the dark. And the health risks she took to give them life.