Her mom shares a short story about what happened to her and her daughter on a wheelchair on the bus… It will astonish you…

A lady was asked to exit a bus with her wheelchair-bound child. According to the driver, she was putting in extra time. Tuesday was when the incident occurred.

On that particular day, Denise brought Kassidi, her 10-year-old daughter, to observe the cast filming “Enola Holmes.”

They both, regrettably, only got a brief peek of the drama’s protagonists.

Around 5:30 p.m., they made the choice to ride bus number 2 of Stagecoach home.

Everything was going smoothly until the driver of the Goodhart Road vehicle came to a stop in Bransholme, a considerable distance from its regular stop.

According to Denise, the bus driver called her boss once it stopped.

She appeared to rage at him, complaining that she had “overstayed” her regular working hours and that if he didn’t give her a replacement, she would have to disgorge passengers from the bus.

When the call was completed, she instructed everyone in the vehicle to exit because her employer had not dispatched a replacement driver.

Denise explained that her girl was in a wheelchair and that it would be difficult for her to push her, especially because it was pouring, to urge the driver to think again.

Despite this, the driver resisted making the regular stop. The mother referred explicitly to the chilly bus. She continued by claiming that her daughter was in a wheelchair, “anxious, exhausted,” and “cold” at the time.

Luckily for them, one of their neighbors came and picked them up at the scene after this accident.