She feels young despite being 94 years old. What’s her secret? Find out here!

94-year-old Flossie Lewis, the unexpected internet sensation, has returned to give additional life lessons. This time, she reconnects with her former pupils at their old school to discuss Bob Dylan’s merit.

91-year-old Flossie made an appearance on the PBS series Brief but Spectacular in 2016 and offered her perspective on aging. “Aging is a state of mind.” I am 91 years old, severely disabled, and I still believe I am 15.”

Over 7 million people saw this first sentence worldwide. Many of her former students left online remarks, some of which were very heartfelt. This, in turn, motivated the documentary’s director to bring the youngsters and their cherished former instructor back together.

Flossie talked about some of the difficult experiences she had as a young adult. It was, to put it mildly, difficult growing up in Brooklyn during World War II and the role of women in society. One of the jobs available to women was teaching, which gave them a voice in society.

This video makes it clear that Flossie used her position to both inspire and educate. At the Lowell High School in the bay region, where she had previously taught, many kids came to see their hero in person.

Students in Flossie’s class discussed whether Bob Dylan should have received the Nobel Prize for literature. The pupils were drawn to her ideas and the manner she encouraged open discussion.

The students also offered heartfelt accounts of how Flossie changed their lives. The impact of Flossie’s teaching extended far beyond the classroom, from encouraging architecture to aiding a student with despair.

The fascinating story of Flossie serves as a real example of how one person’s good influence may affect others for the benefit of all.

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