With a “Last Airbender” performance, a figure skater defies the laws of physics… VIDEO attached!

Joe Klein, also known as Joseph Klein, had his skating instruction in Colorado Springs. His hometown was Chicago, though. The 18-year-old did not sit back and wait for life to happen to him. Instead, he decided to pursue a career as a top figure skater. He was quite excited about skating; therefore, he began skating at a very young age.

The gifted skater and Jordan Cowan of On Ice Perspectives recently worked together. He made the decision to practice his dancing techniques with the help of his coach Damon Allen and longtime program choreographer Cordero Zuckerman. The performance was inspired on “Flow Like Water,” the original soundtrack from “The Last Airbender.”

James Newton Howards, one of the most popular ice-dancing music composers, created the soundtrack. The choreography was superb, and Klein’s dancing was flawless. While dancing, he appeared to be quite graceful.

Klein could move like water flow because of his grace of motion. The effort of the entire team, along with the coach, the choreographer, and Klein himself, was clearly visible in the well-executed performance.

Anyone would fall in love with “Flow Like Water,” the song they selected for the performance. As would be expected, Klein’s dexterous movements enhanced the attractiveness. In addition, the figure skater’s grace while dancing on the ice was breathtakingly stunning.

He matched his dance to the music precisely. Klein appeared to be trying to tell his audience a narrative with his quick turns while skating, his hand gestures, and the jump in the air. His dancing was in tune with the music he was performing to.

In fact, a lot of people referred to his dancing as being amazing. The way he ended the dance was great, and the entire performance was superbly executed. He began by zipping around the arena at top speed. Then, turning abruptly, he gracefully bent to the ground and leaned back. What some could refer to as “showmanship” was that. Klein met and exceeded everybody’s expectations.

Check out the video here: