She goes to the supermarket by herself at the age of 101, and here is what the locals decided to do about it!

There was once a report on one of the French television networks about the sweetest woman who lived in the village of Calvados.

She had a ripe old age. She received a modest symbolic present while she was on the street at the time of the story.

Giselle, a 101-year-old woman, did not hesitate to leave the house and go shopping even at her advanced age.

However, as she was doing the reporting, she said that she was already growing tired and bored with it. The villagers made the decision to help her and make her life simpler as a result.

They all collaborated to create a bench for her, which the municipal brigade then set up. The name of the enduring Giselle was engraved on the bench.

An older woman shared her thoughts on the subject. She expressed her appreciation for the convenience this notion provided for her ability to go shopping.

She is confident that even when she is gone, other senior citizens will require a bench and a place to rest.

Between the shop Giselle frequents and her apartment, a seat was erected especially for the purpose.

Before taking another step in the direction of the store or back, she can take a moment to regain her breath. She is able to converse with nearby residents and onlookers in the interim.