Mirei Mathieu had a challenging upbringing; when she was 14 years old, she worked in a factory and assisted a struggling family… But then…

This is Mireille Mathieu, a legendary figure in French music. Though she has always been regarded as a genuine celebrity, the woman actually had a very tough upbringing. At age 13, the young girl dropped out of school to work and support her family.

She was the first of 14 children, and because of their poverty, she was forced to drop out of school at a young age and go to work in an envelope factory.

Her career turned around when, following a first effort that didn’t go well, she won a singing competition in the city of Avignon and entered it.

She has about 130 million albums and 55 million singles sold, along with many successes and accolades. In 2016, Mireille also experienced the loss of her mother, who was 75 years old at the time.

They resided in a small, wooden house that was exposed to the elements, which was perilous. Life was hard there with a big destitute family.

She has already caught the attention of the general public, who were shocked to discover this talented 19-year-old girl whose speech was strikingly similar to Edith Piaf’s. Her career officially started after that.

Mireille Mathieu has consistently kept up with everything pertaining to her private life. But other things, like her mother’s passing, she was unable to conceal. The singer will never forget her passing on March 20, 2016.

She found it very challenging to move on after losing someone who meant a great deal to her. A pulmonary embolism took the life of Marcel Sophie Puri at the age of 94.

She had the same hairdo that has been the subject of numerous urban tales. Mireille is already 76 years old, but she won’t put herself last.

Mireille Mathieu has maintained her identity for many years, which is why people love and respect her so much.