She looked more attractive without cosmetic surgeries… Here is what she looked like before…

Blogger Nastya Pokrishchuk, who is 30 years old and hails from Kyiv, is well-known for having prominent cheekbones.

Because of the girl’s desire to have a total transformation of her appearance, she has been going to several cosmetic specialists and plastic surgeons for a number of years.

The blogger does not want to display herself before the makeovers, but she occasionally publishes images from the past.

Therefore, the woman displayed herself when she was 18 years old and stated that she did not like the way that she appeared at the time, but that all has changed today.

Many people agreed with her position on this issue, but others were left wondering why Nastya would resort to anything so radical for the purpose of publicity.

“Why did you do that? You were stunning, and I remember thinking, “Beautiful transformations are conceivable, but not to such an amount!”

The devotees of the star voiced their disappointment, saying things like “Alas and ah” and “The case when it was better earlier.”

What are your thoughts regarding the changes she has made?