The grandma starts lulling her grandchild to sleep with a song. The infant’s response cracks everyone up…

Young children require a lot of love, adoration, and family time. And who better to spend time with their new grandkids than their grandmothers?

In addition to being humorous, the video of a grandma and her newborn granddaughter below will leave you in awe of what you see.

The grandma chose to sing her grandchild a lullaby, but nobody anticipated the baby’s response.

This grandmother came to see her granddaughter and spend some time with her.

The young girl listened as her grandma started singing a lullaby while she was cuddled up in her arms.

Grandma made a choice to sing the 1940s classic “I’m in the Mood for the Love,” which is so calming and lulling that it might easily put a toddler to sleep.

But this girl had no intention of falling asleep to that song. She preferred to sing along with her granny, though.

She lay in her grandma’s arms with her eyes wide open, gazing into her. The child started to make noises that seemed like the girl was attempting to sing along to her grandma after the elderly sang a few lines.

Fortunately, the young girl’s mother had a video camera close at hand and was able to record the lovely duet. They will always remember this time in their lives, without a doubt!

Check out the video below!