Surprisingly, opera made this baby cry, whereas look at how he reacted to heavy metal music!

Jennifer’s singing to her son helps him express himself. You must not miss this precious moment of the mom and son’s relationship.

Son of Jennifer Stavropoulos is being brought up to appreciate the power of music. She reaches into George’s emotions by singing a variety of songs as he cries and plays in her arms. He is impacted by each of them, albeit in different ways.

The young person is a natural headbanger, to start. When his mother sings heavy metal songs, George seems to appreciate them the most. George’s future playlist might include a little Black Sabbath.

Even standard infant tunes are included by Jennifer to demonstrate her versatility. When she performs her rendition of “Everybody Clap” from The Seasons, George responds with a lot of amused comments. It’s an easy-to-listen-to song.

But when the mother starts singing “Ava Maria,” everyone reacts in the same way. There is a recognition that the current song is depressing as if turning on a switch. Real-time observation of the variations in mood is stunning.

Imagine hearing somber music that evokes strong feelings come on the radio. Whatever significance “Ava Maria” holds for George, it resonates deeply with him. Salutations to the mother-son bond and best wishes for their continued enjoyment of new music.

Watch the video below!