Prior to the arrival of his new baby sister, Big Brother wants some clarification!

If you have kids, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed the spectacle of a linguistic slip-up, and it may even be humorous looking back on it years later. I’ve already done that. Sometimes, we speak without thinking. Sometimes, though, it’s only our innocent sweetness that puts us in danger.

Kids speak their minds, as we all know, even though as we’ll see, they frequently lack all the facts, and they occasionally lack a “filter.” It can be endearing and even downright funny, especially if it’s just you and them.

You may witness a great example of a child saying something incredibly humorous while managing to humiliate no one but himself in the video. And don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers revealed.

In fact, this specific episode started off as a wonderful family occasion. A mother presents a newborn child to a young boy and introduces her as his new sister. So much for sibling rivalry; he is beaming and obviously thrilled to meet her. Even more, he kisses her on the cheek. What a good brother, aww.

When the baby starts to wiggle, her sibling calls her “wiggling around.” She is moving around, their mother confirms. It indicates that she likes you. He should now demonstrate some of his knowledge. He gestures to the position of his new sister’s stomach, legs, and feet for the benefit of everybody in the room.

At this point, the humiliating error occurs. He poses a query that causes everyone to giggle. That’s amusing enough, but the funniest part is really when you see the look on his face when his mother tells him the solution.