Teenage Brothers Impress the Audience and the Judges During America’s Got Talent Audition With Harmonica…

Since many years ago, harmonicas have been utilized in music. Artists with a talent for the free wind instrument, like Bob Dylan and Guy Forsyth, have achieved fame. The old gadget is currently making a comeback thanks to two brothers.

Teenagers from Topanga, California, Brody and Alex, have been playing music together since they were five years old.

They go under the name “Brother’s Gage” for their musical ensemble. They consider themselves “married to their work” and have participated in a number of local talent events.

The two gifted performers appeared on America’s Got Talent to give the judges’ all-star jury a thrilling, unique harmonica composition. Howie Mandel appeared doubtful, knowing that elderly guys play the instrument more frequently.

Howie and the other 3 celebrities were astounded by Brothers Gage in no time. They could get anyone up and dance with their unrelenting enthusiasm and obvious musical talent. Who knew the judges would start dancing when they heard the harmonica?

Watch the video here: