The 71-year-old British model wore the same bikini she wore more than 40 years ago for this photoshoot!

Modern fashion favors naturalness, and anyone can work as a model at any age. Although women of a certain age are frequently featured in advertisements for apparel, accessories, and cosmetics, swimwear and undergarments worn by older women still draw a lot of negative attention.

The oldest female model in Britain is 71 years old. Susie Monty is her name, and she is from Cornwall. After a 20-year layoff, Monty made the decision to pick up modeling again. As a result, she is now frequently called to participate in various photo projects and is not afraid to take even casual pictures. She can achieve this because of her physique and her height of 170 centimeters. Size 38 fits Monty.

The majority of people don’t think my hair is mine, but it is. My hair is thick and dark and reaches all the way to my waist despite never having been colored.

«I enjoy cooking and baking, and I walk a lot to stay in shape. I still feel like I’m 21; I don’t feel old.

Suzy has been modeling for the past 50 years, but she now chooses to only work with individuals she can trust and does so less frequently.

Suzy won the Miss Cornwall Bikini and Miss Cornwall Swimwear competitions while she was in her 20s, but in her 60s, she faced a tumour diagnosis, which she was concerned she could not survive.

Fortunately, it proved benign, but she said, “I’m just happy to still be on this earth.”

Her genes and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to her youth. Sue works out to stay in shape and attempts to avoid the sun’s damaging affects on her skin. Her two most crucial guidelines are to smile more frequently and to live in the now.

Age is a mental construct. As young as you feel, you are. Never assume that since you are older, your dreams won’t come true. Susie said, “I don’t feel old; I still feel like I’m 21.

«I meditate daily and consider myself fortunate to still have my dark, long hair and good looks.

We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with my 74-year-old husband, John, who has always been a huge support.