The director tells the foreman, “You’re fired, old man,” not realizing that he will be his supervisor the following day…

Despite being a diligent worker, Nia’s recent advancement at the store had turned her into a belligerent and angry boss. She made it till she made the decision to offend and dismiss her old boss.

Nia had only been promoted for a week when; she still couldn’t believe it. She was now in charge of one of the stores owned by the large clothing retailer.

Nia had many suggestions for how she could enhance the store if given a chance years before she was promoted, and she kept them on file. She was speaking to the staff just before closing that morning as the paperwork sat haughtily on her desk.

The employees gave the nod, a knowing smile, and a few gracious thanks in return. However, the staff was taken aback by the sudden action.

They were unable to work because they were aware that even the smallest oversight—conscious or otherwise—would result in the loss of the funds necessary to cover the majority of their expenses.

They followed the ascent of a worker who began as an intern on the bottom and eventually made it to the top with interest.

Victor’s tenure as the workshop’s foreman may have come to an end at this point. But the following day, he was set to experience something much, much bigger.

In the lives of Nias, Victor, and the store, it marked the beginning of a brand-new chapter. Nias took over as Viktor’s right-hand man as he continued to operate the business. The two guys had a great working relationship, and together they made this store the most prosperous in the chain’s history.