The eye injury that Frances Conroy sustained led  her landing an iconic role on “American Horror Story.”

Frances Conroy is a seasoned and well-respected actress who is known for her work on critically acclaimed and award-winning TV shows such as “Six Feet Under” and “American Horror Story.” Due to her eye injury, she was specifically cast in the role of Moira O’Hara, an iconic TV character, in “American Horror Story.” Frances Conroy is known for her work on these shows.

Conroy, who was born in Georgia in 1953, began his career in the theater in the 1970s and has been touring with various theatrical companies ever since. Conroy became a star with The Acting Company not long after going to New York to attend the Julliard School of Drama to study acting.

Her debut in the film industry came in 1979 with the cult classic “Manhattan,” which was directed by Woody Allen. In addition to that, she has had supporting parts in films such as “She is most known for her appearances in “Scent of a Woman” and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” although she was primarily known for her work on the stage.

But, in 2001, Conroy decided to try her hand at working in television. She quickly established herself as a fan favorite for her performance as Ruth Fisher, an unstable matriarch, in the series “Six Feet Under.” The show aired on HBO for a total of five seasons and was considered to be of high-caliber programming at that time. As a result of her work in this series, Conroy was recognized with many Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards, as well as four nominations for an Emmy.

She was also a recurrent guest star on the comedy “How I Met Your Mother,” where she appeared from time to time. But, it was Conroy’s performance as Moira in American Horror Story that cemented her place as a fan favorite in the cult-favorite category among the audience. When Conroy gave a performance that was both compelling and terrifying, she was then invited to make a return to the anthology program in which she had previously been, but this time to portray at least seven distinct personas. In 2018, she returned to the series reprising the role of Moira.

In 2011, during the process of casting for “American Horror Story,” Conroy disclosed to TV executives present during the casting session that she suffered from an eye condition. She reasoned that since she was used to using contact lenses, her eye damage would not be seen on the screen if she wore them instead of her glasses.

According to reports, Conroy was involved in an automobile accident in the 1990s and had facial injuries as a result. The accident nonetheless managed to injure her cornea, giving the appearance that she had a glass eye despite the fact that she underwent surgery. The fact was that the scarring that occurred after surgery darkened the color of her wounded eye. Conroy, to his great good fortune, does not suffer from any kind of visual impairment and retains his normal, unimpaired eyesight.

Conroy was cautioned by the showrunner, Ryan Murphy, and the other writers not to try to cover up the eye damage by using contact lenses. Instead, they used this information to inspire the creation of Moira’s character backstory. They included in the screenplay that her crazy character ended up being shot in the eye and dying as a consequence of it.

Fans loved Conroy for her “quirks” and her natural beauty more than anything else, despite the fact that she had an eye damage.

Seeing how Conroy’s eye makes her so beautifully unique has really helped me in accepting my own difference as something cool and unique, a fan who had an eye injury wrote on Reddit. “Conroy is one of my absolute favorite actresses,” the fan said. “Seeing how her eye makes her so beautifully unique has really helped me in accepting my own difference as something cool and unique.”

Another admirer expressed their admiration for Frances Conroy by saying, “She is stunning, and to be honest, I had never noticed her eye before, but seeing it now only makes her face even more unique and precious.”

“Because of the way she conducts herself, it’s almost as if you’re seeing two entirely different individuals! It’s a testament to the actor’s ability when you completely lose track of who they are in favor of the character they’re playing “In yet another post on Reddit hailing Conroy’s artistic prowess, a fan made the following comment.