This is the significance behind those mysterious black cables on the road

The next time you’re driving on the highway or through a residential street, take a moment to observe the road carefully. Chances are, you’ll come across black cables laid on the ground. While these cables are safe to drive over, you might wonder what purpose they serve. Keep reading to uncover the answer!

These black cables are known as road tubes, and they serve as a simple and efficient method for local transportation agencies to gather crucial information about traffic patterns in an area. Placed in inconspicuous locations to minimize interference, road tubes detect vehicle movement by sensing air bursts generated when a tire passes over them. This data is transmitted to an on-site counter, which collects and stores the information over a set period.

Road tubes not only count the number of vehicles passing over them but also help identify peak traffic times by analyzing the intervals between air bursts. When used in pairs, they can provide additional insights such as vehicle classification, speed, and direction. This valuable data enables transportation agencies to make informed decisions about adjustments to speed limits or updates to signage whenever necessary.