Visitors are greeted by an android robot at the Dubai Museum of the Future… VIDEO attached!

An eccentric employee at the Museum of the Future in Dubai smiles and makes jokes when greeting visitors. Ameka, a humanoid robot, is what it is.

Engineered Arts was the one who created it. The robot has facial recognition technology and can monitor movement in the space. Ameka interacts with guests and responds to their inquiries about the museum.

Majid al-Mansouri, the Gallery of the Future’s executive director:

This robot is special. To comprehend inquiries from users and provide answers, it leverages artificial intelligence. It is distinct in the way it follows and observes individuals.

According to the manufacturer, it is the most sophisticated humanoid robot ever created.

Visitors can use a microphone to communicate with the humanoid.

«For instance, I used to see tiny robots on cruise ships. But all they were doing was waiting for information. This is a more complex one. Talking to him is interesting because of how well he speaks.

It’s incredible. She answers your questions by gazing directly into my eyes. She hears you say, “You’re so sweet.” You’re nice too, she replies. It’s wonderful.

This year saw the opening of the spectacular seven-story Museum of the Future in Dubai. It is 77 meters tall. Arabic calligraphy quotes are written all around the stainless steel casing. On of them it says:

The ability to envision, create, and realize the future belongs to those people.

Watch the video here: