The jurors turned the chairs at his opening notes because they heard a new star emerge… Video attached…

After hearing him for the first time, the jurors rotated the chairs and noticed that a new star had emerged.

There is a song that is certain to capture everyone’s heart when a young singing talent wants to lay it all on the line.

Hallelujah’s quiet, calming tune calms our heads as the lyrics speak to our souls. If a genuine angel descended from heaven and sang it for us, that would be the only thing that could make it greater.

When a very brilliant young woman, only known as Mennel, performed this well-known song on La Voz France, it appeared that exactly what had occurred. It’s difficult to avoid becoming enthralled by everything you learn and observe about Mennell.

In fact, one of the judges was so enthralled by the young woman’s delicate, angelic tones that, after hearing her sing, he eagerly pressed the red button.

The judge realized this young woman was a gift from above when he saw the innocent and lovely face hiding behind her in that voice. She’s anxious to hear Mennell’s unique take on this timeless Leonard Cohen song.

You’ll fall in love with her singing for sure. The young girl opted to display her natural beauty instead of dressing herself as a pop queen.

Simple scarf covering her hair only served to highlight her captivating blue eyes. The only thing left to do is unwind in the sumptuous sound bath that filled the room because her understated appearance brought out her lovely voice.

Here is the video: